10 Tips for Youth Basketball Parents

It’s that time of year again! Summer basketball tournaments are in full effect and college coaches are out and about evaluating the next generations of talent. Such an exciting time to be a prospective collegiate student-athlete!

But, with this excitement comes a high amount of stress not only for players, but for parents too. We get it. You want your son and/or daughter to be successful and it feels great (would feel great) to see them get recognized by a college or university as a potential member of their team.

But, the reality is, 98% of youth basketball players will not play college basketball. We don’t say that to be a negative nancy, but to shed light on reality and encourage parents to be positive in their approach with their kids no matter what the outcome is of their basketball career.

Below are 10 Tips for Youth Parents, courtesy of the Jr. NBA and Positive Coaching Alliance, to help navigate a child’s sports career no matter how long, or short, it is!

1. Cheer for all players (even those on the other team!). Leave the coaching to the coaches.

2. Write down your goals for your child for this season. Talk to your child about these goals, as they likely are not the same as his or hers!

3. When setting goals with your child, remember to focus on both effort and outcome related goals. For example, a great effort goal in basketball is praising a player for their consistent effort to box out.

4. There are a lot of basketball organizations out there. Take the time to evaluate options for where your child might play. Talk to other parents whose kids have played in those organizations.

5. Resist the temptation to critique your child on the way home. Ask if your child wants to talk about the game. If the answer is “no,” respect that.

6. When your child is ready to talk…listen and be engaged! Reinforce your child’s self-worth with statements, like “I know you are disappointed with the loss, but one thing I like about you is you’re the type of person who bounces back and tries hard the next time.”

7. After observing practice or a game, be ready with truthful and specific praise. This might sound like, “I really liked how you hustled after the loose ball” or “I was proud of how you helped your teammate up after the foul.”

8. If issues arise, such as your child wanting more playing time, encourage your child to address this with the coach directly. “What can I do to get better and earn more playing time?”

9. Studies of world-class athletes in basketball and other team ball sports have demonstrated that top-performing athletes often delayed single-sport specialization until age 16 or later. Thus, delaying specialization until this age range is recommended. Specialization in basketball prior to age 14 is discouraged.

10. At every possible turn, let your children know that you love them unconditionally, regardless of their athletic performance.


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Keith Van Horn, Co-Founder 

Former NBA Standout Keith Van Horn co-founded Premier to create a top Utah and Colorado basketball club that is based on his values of the game of basketball. Keith brought over 30 years of basketball experience to establishing Premier.  During his successful NBA and NCAA career at the University of Utah, he was taught by several of the best coaches ever to coach the game like Rick Majerus, Larry Brown and John Calapari. He used those experiences to benefit the organization and players at Premier.

Keith is also a member of both the University of Utah National Advisory Board and the Positive Coaching Alliance National Advisory Board which he emphatically supports.

College Career:

ESPN NCAA National Player of Year 1997

Consensus Associated Press All American 1996, 1997

Conference Player of the Year 1995, 1996, 1997

Conference and University of Utah Career Scoring Leader

Member of the University of Utah Hall of Fame

Member of the PAC-12 Hall of Fame

NBA Career:

2nd Pick of the 1997 NBA Draft

First Team All-Rookie 1998

Ranked 5th in the NBA in scoring 1998 season

2002 Eastern Conference Champion with the New Jersey Nets

2006 Western Conference Champion with the Dallas Mavericks

Top Ten Career Leader in New Jersey Nets History in Points, Rebounds, Three Point Field Goals Made and Free Throws Made

NBA Finals Participant (2002, 2005)

You can read more about Keith on his business page at www.vhreproperties.com or his fan page www.keithvanhorn.com

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